Talking Knots

In Talking Knots INDO recreates a Quipu, an ancient method of recording information which dates back to 3000 BC. Using anywhere from a couple to thousands of strings, the people of the central Andes documented their world through this unique and highly develop system of knots. These ancient messages, recorded with great detail, are now unreadable. Experts have discovered the patterns underlying the knots, but they haven't been able to fully decipher their meaning. The sequence found in Talking Knots was created using binary code, with the long knot representing 1, the single knot 0 and every eight characters a letter. The message is present, but not readily accessible, suggesting that our capacity to communicate relies on a broader fluency.

Photography by Julia Stotz

Statement written by Simple.Honest.Work

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Wall Hanging


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  • Dimensions: 4’ x 6’
  • Edition: one of a kind
  • Material: found thread & paverpol textile hardener